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USMMA KP Alumni - Chapter Presidents Alliance, Inc.
Fortune Center, 42 Idlewild Street, Bel Air, MD 21014
Tel: 410-420-0080 E-mail:


"The Chapters shall exist to serve, assist and perpetuate the United States Merchant Marine Academy, its Regiment of Midshipmen, faculty, staff, alumni and the United States Merchant Marine. It shall foster and encourage the development of the Academy and the Merchant Marine, and shall enhance the prestige thereof by acquisition, preservation and dissemination of information pertaining to their history, activities, methods and objectives, and shall render moral support and material aid thereunto.”


Greetings Fellow Alliance Members
The existing 128+ USMMA Alumni Chapters now have the distinction of representing our memberships on the *newly formed* USMMA KP Alumni – Chapter Presidents Alliance!  We are eager for the support and cooperation of every one of the existing 128+ USMMA Alumni Chapters as we move forward with the progress of this vital alliance.  We have a great opportunity and a wonderful vehicle to provide fulfillment of our alumni chapter(s) mission.  Each Chapter President shall represent his Chapter at the meetings of the USMMA KP Alumni Chapter Presidents Alliance.  Each Chapter President will have an equal vote on policy matters of the alliance.

This organization should be of the elected Chapter Presidents and by the elected Chapter Presidents as they represent all individual alumni members!  The organization should be run by elected Chapter Presidents- those alumni who are “invested” in the well-being of their chapters and have been entrusted with the responsibility to act on behalf of their constituent alumni members.
KP Alumni - CPA Chapters
Roster - By Region, of the existing 128+ USMMA Alumni Chapters ... worldwide!
USMMA KPA Chapters Region Roster WEB POST

Notice:  This roster of KP Alumni Chapters, and contact information of our Chapter Presidents, has been provided, for the expressed purpose of Mission Support and contact, to benefit our Midshipmen, the Academy, and our KP Alumni.  KP Alumni contact information is not to be used as a business solicitation resource. (GGH 092211)


Welcome USMMA KP Alumni – American Samoa Chapter # 128!
Pu'amavae Ah-Mai (KP ’11) - President
(Sailing Mate - Government of American Samoa - Pago Pago)

Welcome USMMA KP Alumni – Miami-Dade (FL) Chapter # 127!
Captain John Fernandez (KP '72) - President
(Senior Pilot - Biscayne Bay Pilots Association - Port of Miami)

Welcome USMMA KP Alumni – Lake Charles (LA) Chapter # 126!
Arthur O'Keefe, ESQ (KP '71) - President
(Delphin Law Office, A PLC, Lake Charles, LA)

Welcome USMMA KP Alumni – France (Marseilles) Chapter # 125!
Mauricio Bonilla (KP '81) - President
(Reefer Commercial Manager - CMA-CGM, Marseilles, France)

Welcome USMMA KP Alumni – Norway Chapter # 124!
John Acomb (KP '73) - President
(Senior Surveyor - American Bureau of Shipping (ABS), Oslo, Norway)

Welcome USMMA KP Alumni – Switzerland Chapter # 125!
Jeffrey deJonge (KP '97) - President
(Alstom Power - Baden, Switzerland)

Welcome USMMA KP Alumni – Indianapolis Chapter # 123!
Amanda McNanley (KP '08) - President
(* Past President, St. Louis, MO Chapter!)
(Rolls-Royce Marine Engines - Indianapolis)
Welcome USMMA KP Alumni – Malaysia # 122!

Robert Frederic "Fritz" Klausner (KP ’62) - President
(Director - American Eagle Tanker Holding, LTD - Kuala Lumpur)

Welcome USMMA KP Alumni – Alberta & British Columbia (Canada) # 121!

Harry Harker (KP ’69) - President


Welcome USMMA KP Alumni – Netherlands (The Hague) # 120!

Lambertus "Bert" Oldenhuis (KP ’67) - President


Welcome USMMA KP Alumni – Japan (Tokyo) # 119!

Jonathan Twiford (KP ’02) - President

(President - Endurance Trading Limited - Tokyo)

Welcome USMMA KP Alumni – ROK Korea (Busan) # 118!
Fred Ebers (KP '75) - President
(Area Manager SE Asia - Germanisher Lloyd - Busan). 


Welcome USMMA KP Alumni – Saudi Arabia Chapter # 117!
Matt MacDonald (KP '81) - President
(Chief Engineer - Saudi Aramco - Ras Tanura).   

Welcome USMMA KP Alumni – Djibouti Chapter # 116!
Bruce Garrott (KP '83) - President
(Camp Lemmonier, Djibouti, with the Combined Joint Task-Horn of Africa).   


Welcome USMMA KP Alumni – Bahrain Chapter # 115!
Conrad G. Calpito (KP ‘01) - President
(1 of 4 KPA Chapters located in the Persian Gulf, Arabian Peninsula!)   


Welcome USMMA KP Alumni – Australia-Western Chapter # 114!

Walter P. Purio (KP ‘78) - President (Perth, Western Australia)    

Where in the world are USMMA KP Alumni Chapters located?  

 Click on the reference maps.


KINGS POINTER magazine - Cruising The Chapters

Enjoy past issues online!

KINGS POINTER - Winter 2009-10

KINGS POINTER - Spring 2010

KINGS POINTER - Summer 2010


KINGS POINTER - Winter 2010-11
KINGS POINTER - Spring 2011

KINGS POINTER - Summer 2011


KINGS POINTER - Winter 2011-12

KINGS POINTER - Spring 2012

Is YOUR Chapter in the picture?

Spring 2012 Issue Submissions DEADLINE Friday March 23, 2012!

Please note the simple guidelines for Chapter submissions:

(1) A titled article in MS Word document format, including a captioned photo.
     If you submit 3, we’ll publish 3!

     Please note Class year for each graduate in your article or photo caption!

(2) A high-resolution original of the photo, preferably in *.jpeg format, as a separate attachment.

(3) Submit prior to the deadline.  E-mail:


KPA-CPA Regional Leadership Team (2014-16 Term)
We are eager to employ the efficiencies of a “Regional Approach” to this implementation and operations.  KPA-CPA Members are encouraged to join & work with their Regional Vice Chairmen as we move forward. Please welcome the *newly* elected leadership of the Chapter Presidents Alliance - supporting our mission!

USMMA KP Alumni - CPA – Chairman - Gary G. Hicks ’76 (KP Chesapeake Chapter)              

Tel: (410) 420-0080   E-mail:   Web:

Northeast & International - Canada East - Regional Vice Chairman - Richard J. Roche '81 (Central NY Chapter)

Chairman – CPA Alumni Services Committee

Tel: (315) 552-5480  Cell: (315) 243-3200 E-mail:

Mid-Atlantic & International - East – Regional Vice Chairman - Tim Sumner '66 (Delaware Shore Chapter)

Chairman – CPA Government Affairs Committee

Tel: (240) 475-2426  E-mail:

Southeast & International - Caribbean - Regional Vice Chairman - Captain Ronald L. Campana ’71 (New Orleans Chapter)

Chairman – KPA-CPA Chapter Development Committee

Tel: (985) 809-7555   Cell: (504) 415-7960  E-mail:

Southwest & International - Latin America - Regional Vice Chairman - Captain John G. Peterlin III '76 (Galveston Bay-Brazosport Chapter)
Tel: (409) 766-6112  Cell: (832) 259-6045   E-mail:
Mid-Continent & International - Canada Central - Regional Vice Chairman - Robert H. Cooper '77 (Central Ohio Chapter)

Tel: (614) 761-8808  Cell: (614) 296-5610  E-mail:

Pacific & International - West - Regional Vice Chairman – Kenneth J. Fidyk '71 (Santa Barbara /Ventura County Chapter)

Chairman – CPA Finance Committee

Tel: (805) 493-1713  Cell: (818) 807-2892    E-mail:

Frank P. DeGiulio, ESQ. '79 (Philadelphia) - Chairman - CPA Legal Committee
Tel: (215) 625-9900 Cell: (215) 808-2028  E-mail:  

Joanne R. Hicks 'A (KP Chesapeake - Membership Chairman) – CPA Recording Secretary

Tel: (410) 420-0080  E-mail:  Web:

KPA-CPA Committees
- Finance – Chairman - Ken Fidyk ’71 ( Santa Barbara /Ventura County)
- Alumni Services – Chairman - Rich Roche '81 (Central NY)
- Chapter Development – Chairman -Captain Ron Campana '71 (Port of New Orleans)
- Legal – Chairman - Frank P. DeGiulio, Esq.'77 (Philadelphia)
- Government Affairs – Chairman - Tim Sumner '66 (Delaware Shore)
- Distinguished Chapter Award (DCA) - Chairman -
- Women's Programs – Chairman -
- Maritime Industry – Chairman -

- Athletic Programs – Chairman -
- Communications – Chairman -

KPA-CPA, Inc. - Member Resources
USMMA KPA-CPA Chapter Handbook 090110

KPA-CPA AnnualChapterReport 123111 DUE 123111!

KPA-CPA AnnualChapterReport 123112 DUE 123112!

KPA-CPA AnnualChapterReport 123113 DUE 123113!
KP Alumni Homecoming Awards Info 060111
DUE 060111!    

KP Alumni Homecoming Awards Nomination Info 060111 DUE 060111!

USMMA KPA-CPA By-Laws 090110 Approved 021511

USMMA KPA-CPA Inc Business Plan 090110

U.S. Merchant Marine & World Maritime Review USNI – Kumar 050110

(Kumar AnRevMarInd USNI 050110)

USMMA Regimental Calendar for Academic Year 2010-2011

(from June 22, 2010 to July 12, 2011)

USMMA Regimental Calendar for Academic Year 2011-2012
(from June 20, 2011 to July 10, 2012)

KPA-CPA Leadership Roundtable Carmel Present 091010.pdf


'Down to the Seas' By Dr. Shashi N. Kumar, Master Mariner

U.S.N.I. Proceedings Magazine - December 2010 Vol. 136/12/1,294

The Big Myth of Somali Pirates By Captain Stephen M. Carmel ‘79

U.S.N.I. Proceedings Magazine - December 2010 Vol. 136/12/1,294

U.S. Merchant Marine Serving America in Peace and War
Click the link and enjoy the video presentation

U.S. Merchant Marine & World Maritime Review USNI – Kumar 050111 *NEW POSTING* 050111!

(Kumar AnRevMarInd USNI 050111)

“Maritime Pathways of Commerce - Ocean Shipping and the US Flag Merchant Marine in U.S. Economic Security and National Defense” *NEW POSTING* 061411!

By:  Captain Stephen M. Carmel (KP ’79) - Senior Vice President, Maersk Line, Limited

“Kings Point: Maker of Mariners” USMMA Article National Geographic 110155 *NEW POSTING* 061211!

2012 U.S. Merchant Marine and World Maritime Review USNI – Kumar 050112 *NEW POSTING* 050112!
USMM & World Maritime Review USNI Kumar 050112.pdf



Legislative Contacts:

112th Congress(updated 0010111)

Representatives -

Committees -

Senators of the 112th Congress (updated 010111)

Senators -
Committees -

USMMA BOV 113th Congress 110613 "Congressional Board of Visitors"

  KP Alumni News  

A publication of the KPA-CPA Communications Committee… keeping our near 17,000 Alumni Members informed!

This newsletter is provided to the 128+ USMMA Alumni Chapter Members of the Chapter Presidents Alliance for immediate distribution to all of our Alumni and supporters of Kings Point.  Please- Pass the Word!  Contributions for publication are welcomed.


USMMA KP Alumni - Chapter Presidents Alliance, Inc. - News Page

IMPORTANT DATES - Mark Your Calendar!
KPA-CPC 2010 Schedule... and beyond!



USMMA KPA-CPA, Inc. Conference(s) Schedule
The 128+ KPA-CPA Member Chapter Presidents (or their officially designated Chapter representative), and CPA Advisory Panel Members are invited to participate in these valuable Alumni Communication Forums.  These Alumni Communication Forums are provided as an ongoing opportunity, to facilitate an increased understanding of the KP Alumni - Chapter Presidents Alliance Members, Management and operations of the U.S. Merchant Marine Academy, and the USMMA Alumni Foundation.  We appreciate the interest, cooperation and participation of our scheduled speakers.



USMMA KPA-CPA – Alumni Communication Forum Schedule

June 7, 2010 MON 3:00PM E.D.T. Alumni Communication Forum - Conference Call

3:00PM – 3:30PM Presenter Address with Q/A
Mel Tublin ‘49 – KP Alumni Congressional Liaison Committee

3:30PM – 4:00PM
KPA-CPA, Inc. Membership Business Agenda


USMMA KPA-CPA Fall Conference 2010
USMMA KPA-CPA Fall Conference 2010 - Fri Sept 10, 2010 & Sat Sept 11, 2010
Chapter Presidents
Alliance – Alumni Leadership Conference”
Maritime Institute of Technology and Graduate Studies - Conference Center, Linthicum Heights (Port of Baltimore), MD. 

USMMA KP Alumni - Chapter Presidents Alliance, Inc. - Conference 2011

Two Day Conference at USMMA, Kings Point, N.Y. - Fri April 1, 2011 - Sat April 2, 2011

"Chapter Presidents Alliance – Building Successful Chapters – United in Mission Support”  
Featuring KP Alumni Leadership Roundtable - KPA-CPA & USMMAAF in Support of Kings Point

Conference includes:


Conference Dinner Reception at the USMMA Alumni Center, Kings Point THU March 31, 2011 6:30PM
Our Conference Dinner will be hosted at the new USMMA Alumni Center on 8 Elmridge Road, overlooking the USMMA McNulty Campus.     

USMMA KPA-CPA, Inc. – Annual Chapters-Only” Art Raffle

We are sponsoring a “Chapters-Only” Art Raffle, anticipating 100% participation from our fellow Chapters.  These funds will continue be used to fund our Mission Support Activities. 

Conference Day 1 - Leadership Roundtable, Speaker Presentations & Academy Tour FRI April 1, 2011 8:00AM - 5:00PM

Complete Day at Melville Hall Officers Club, featuring: KP Alumni Leadership Roundtable - KPA-CPA & USMMAAF. 

USMMA Battle Standard Dinner - FRI April 1, 2011 5:30PM at Delano Hall, USMMA.

KPA-CPA Conference attendees, all KP Alumni and interested parties are welcome! 

Conference Day 2 - KPA-CPA Business meeting.  SAT April 2, 2011 8:00AM - 4:00PM

Crabtree Conference Room - 2nd Deck of Schuyler Otis Bland Library, USMMA, Kings Point, NY

USMMA KP Alumni - Chapter Presidents Alliance, Inc. - Annual Conference 2011 Page

CPA "Chapters-Only" Art Raffle 092508. Proceeds to fund the CPA Annual Meeting and Operations.  Art generously provided by KP Chesapeake Member Michael J. Woodard '81 - Mariner Graphics Artist
Visit Mariner Graphics


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